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European eHealth Action Plan

An action plan adopted by the European Commission on 30 April 2004 shows how information and communication technologies (ICTs) can be used to deliver better quality health care Europe-wide. The "e-Health action plan" covers everything from electronic prescriptions and computerised health records to using new systems and services that cut down waiting times and reduce errors. Rapid and reliable ICTs are vital to the efficiency and effectiveness of health care. For example, broadband-speed connections enable hospital consultants and general practitioners to exchange vital medical records and complex test results before surgical operations, and doctors are increasingly using ICTs to stay in close touch with outpatients and monitor their progress at home.

Here follow the concrete actions to be taken as part of the new action plan. Target dates for e-Health include:

  • Each member state to develop a roadmap for e-Health by the end of 2005
  • Setting up a European Union public health portal by the end of 2005
  • Identifying a common approach to patient identifying data by the end of 2006
  • Identifying interoperability standards for health data by the end of 2006
  • Looking ahead for 2008, supporting the deployment of health information networks base on fixed and wireless broadband and mobile infrastructures and Grid technologies.


Download the European eHealth Action Plan


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