SENER - Silver Economy Network of European Regions

eInclusion: Participation for all in the Knowledge-based Society

In 2000, the Lisbon strategy set the ambitious goal: to ensure that every citizen should have the appropriate skills needed to live and work in a new Information Society for all. The strategic challenge for eInclusion is twofold: to fully exploit the ICT potential to overcome traditional forms of exclusion, while ensuring that all citizens benefit from the Information Society.

New developments in technology provide Europe with a real chance to turn the risk of a digital divide into "digital cohesion" and "digital opportunities" across the Union. This means bringing the benefit of the Information Society into all segments of the population, including:

  • people who are disadvantaged due to limited resources or education, age, gender, ethnicity...
  • people with disabilities
  • and those living in less favoured areas.

Beyond the effort made to increase the general use of competitive ICT, eInclusion aims at helping these groups go far beyond their limits, increasing their chances of participating fully in a Knowledge (-based) Society.


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