SENER - Silver Economy Network of European Regions

SEN@ER Agreement

The SEN@R Agreement for download (PDF):

SENER_Agreement.pdf [240 KB]


The signing regions and authorised representatives from these regions agree to co-operate in the area of the Silver Economy within the "Silver Economy Network of European Regions (SEN@ER)" on the basis of the"Bonn Declaration for the Silver Economy - Silver Economy as an opportunity for quality of life, economic growth and competitiveness in Europe".

Through the Silver Economy the regions will create and establish the framework conditions for new products and services for the improvement of the quality of life of older citizens, thereby securing jobs and employment and strengthening the economy’s power and competi-tiveness of their regions. To achieve these goals the regions will strive for co-operation of the industrial and social partners with the official public authorities.

The most important fields of action include amongst others those of Independent Living (incl. Housing, Architecture, New Media and Telecommunication), Tourism, Sports, Culture, Home-based services and shopping, Health and Well-being, Financial Services, Regional and Local networking – new culture of cooperation.

The objectives of the co-operation of European regions in the framework of the "Silver Econ-omy Network of European regions (SEN@ER)" are first of all:

  • the creation of a Europe-wide awareness for the economic opportunities of an ageing society, and
  • the strengthening of the competitiveness of the participating regions through the
    - exchange of experiences relating to the Silver Economy, and
    - information about innovative approaches in the most important fields of ac-tions and research areas of relevance to the Silver Economy.

These can be achieved through joint conferences, symposia and the exchange of experiences of the participating industrial and social partners. The results of this co-operation will be documented via a joint internet portal.

In order to implement these objectives, the SEN@ER regions strive for the establishment of a joint Secretariat with the following tasks:

  • Co-ordination, integration and documentation of the results in the above most impor-tant fields of action.
  • Establishment and maintenance of contact to the Commission of the European Com-munities and other EU bodies (Committee of the Regions, Council of Ministers)
  • Bundling of research results relating to the Silver Economy and the most important fields of action
  • Support of and involvement in the organisation of joint Silver Economy conferences
  • Establishment and maintenance of the SEN@ER website to become an outstanding and unique Silver Economy knowledge base
  • Contact point for the recruitment of further partner regions.

The overall aim is the co-ordination of the co-operation of the different regions in those areas identified as the most important fields of actions.

Co-operation objectives may include

  • Definition and delimitation of the fields of action in order to have a clear focus on the topic areas of highest political relevance in the area of Silver Economy
  • Stock-taking of activities in the different regions to achieve an overview of relevant regional politics and actions throughout Europe which other regions can use as a start-ing point for their own Silver Economy strategy and policy development
  • Bundling and integration of practical project examples which can be used as a plat-form for the exchange and sharing of knowledge and experiences throughout the par-ticipating European regions
  • Inclusion of professional associations to achieve substantial backing from industry and other relevant economic and business players as well as the social partners in the re-gions and at European level
  • Triage of existing and definition of new European recommendations for action
  • Investigation of EU funding programmes to identify and access appropriate funding sources and mechanisms to ensure funding for SEN@ER research, development and implementation projects and activities
  • Draft of political statements relating to the thematic focus to impact the development of policies relating to the Silver Economy at regional, national and European level.

The intention is to secure a financial basis for the operation of the network.

Bonn, 17th February 2005

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