SENER - Silver Economy Network of European Regions

SIGs - Special Interest Groups

The Special Interest Groups (SIGs) of the SEN@ER will deal thematically with the relevant topics of the Silver Economy. Examples for such topics are ageing, independent living, culture, financial services and tourism.

Members of the different SIGs are reprasantatives from the SEN@ER partner regions as well as partners from the economy, administrations, NGOs etc. The SIGs have taken up work: three SIGs have already been established (Ageing well, Culture and Financial Services) and one is forming at the moment (Tourism).

The SIGs are supported in their work by the SEN@ER secretariat.

For more information on the SIGs please go to:

SEN@ER Secretariat · c/o empirica · Oxfordstraße 2 · D - 53111 Bonn · Fon: +49 228 985300 · Fax: +49 228 9853012 · E-Mail