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As part of the initiative "Senior Economy" the Ministry of Health, Social Affairs, Women and Family of North Rhine-Westphalia has awarded the

Silver Economy in Europe 2005 award.

The objective of the good-practice competition was to strengthen industry and skilled crafts in European regions. This award is part of the joint efforts of several European regions to present to the wider public innovative silver economy projects.

A total of 70 submissions was received, which can be allocated as follows:

  • 49 submissions in Category A: Products and Services
  • 7 submissions in Category B: Economic Co-operations
  • and 12 submissions in Category C: Regional Silver Economy Networks.


With these awards the jury has selected innovative products and services which have the potential to

  • improve the quality of life of seniors
  • create jobs, and in the very end
  • secure the economic position of the region, the country and Europe as a whole


The jury awarded

  • three awards, who received a certificate and a trophy which was donated by the skilled crafts of North Rhine-Westphalia, and
  • four commendations.


The selection criteria have been level of innovation, exemplarity and transferability (direct or indirect).

Further information can be found here .....


More detailled descriptions of the submissions to the competition and further "silver economy" good practice examples can be found under "best-practice" on the homepage of the Landesinitiative Seniorenwirtschaft North Rhine-Westphalia (

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